Silence on Set

TIFF: I‘m Your Man Star Maren Eggert Talks Robots, Ending, and Oscar Buzz

October 6, 2021


Maren Eggert sat down with Silence on Set podcast to talk about her new movie being showcased at the Toronto International Film Festival called, I'm Your Man. The content is layered, the film is emotional and futuristic. Eggert talks about her co-star, what it was like film on location, and where she sees the film going.

Hosts: Monica Gleberman and Victoria Dupuis 


Movie Bio:

How would you react if the perfect partner were created for you — designed to respond to your every conscious or unconscious need? For scientist Alma Felser (Maren Eggert), the reaction is instant skepticism. She is reluctant when offered a job evaluating a new line of humanoid cyborgs to determine what rights they should be granted in society. She believes it takes more than millions of data points collected from the human population to make a human being. But when research funding for her cuneiform studies at Berlin’s Pergamon Museum is dangled, Alma agrees to a three-week trial with Tom (Dan Stevens), an English-accented, rumba-dancing robot who is relentlessly eager to serve one purpose: her happiness.


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